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The Regent/ SSCamp mudslide Disaster

Skrevet af , 17/08/2017.

Fantsl and all members of staff wish to register their condolences to the bereaved families of all those who lost their lives and property as a result of the mudslide incident around the Regent SSCamp community on the 14th August 2017. It was a very sad event that the country has never had it kind. Approximately, there were about a thousand people who were buried alive under the mud that detached itself from the sugar loaf mountain. The ten years rebel war and the Ebola crises didn’t score a record of such amount of death on a single day. Therefore, this is a national crisis.

Most of the children and grown up who lost their lives on that day were once part of our sporting activities and the project at SSCamp and Regent community. We missed them so much. It is quite disheartening that this incident wiped out the whole family members of some people, children, their mothers, fathers and other relatives died the same day within the trickling of an eye.

Let us wipe our tears and remain strong for a brighter tomorrow. We will forever miss you guys.

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