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Skrevet af , 04/07/2018.

On the 26th June 2018 Fantsl held a meeting for Board members, two representatives from each community met at its office located at 10 Percival Street Freetown. The Country Director, Richard Jimmy thanked everyone for coming and called on the boards to renew their commitments towards the project in their communities. He said the progress of fantsl lies in their hands as they have the rights to monitor the employees and also the equipment given to them. In addition to that, Mr. Jimmy also said that the boards should look out for other initatives so as to attract local funding for the development of their own particular community and the national local board formed from among the various boards in the communities should like wise work in this direction for all the fantsl programs.

However, the project Manager, Mr. Mamadu Bah told the representatives of the boards about the recent development untaken by fantsl; the 13 new communities to be added to fant project, the amount and types of different donations delivered to the communities three months ago and the different workshops and seminars scheduled for June, July and August. He said the boards are part of the persons responsible for conducting these educative programs

Moreover, the national Board chairman, Mr. Saidu said that on behalf of his collegues they are very happy for this meeting and that such will bring about acknowlegdement of responsibilities and roles each person is to perform. He called on others to be regularly calling meetings for the boards and staff in each community. This will enable them to analyse challenges and work on them. Malcom Sesay, from Hill Station surported the board chairman and stated fantsl needs to unvail the board members to community members and also the players so that there will be a connection with the community and the players. Other people gave similar suggestions but it was a unanimous aggreement that everyone is going to renew their committment to the project

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