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Kroo Bay


This is a disaster prone slum community in Freetown. the Kroo Bay Community Football Club was established in 2012, together with the Hill Station, Wilberforce, and Aberdeen communities..

The Kroo Bay community was largely developed immediately after the end of the rebel war 2002. This community consists of internally displaced persons, and ex combatants who were refused to go to their homes because of one reason or the other. here, there is high rate of prostitution, poverty, theft and other criminality.

Being one of the worst communities in the city, it is always in danger during the rainy seasons because of over flooding, malaria, cholera and other diseases.Most of the drainage form the hills through the city center empty themselves into the sea through Kroo Bay. Therefore dirt and filth are always piled up around the houses with stinky odor. sometimes the whole community is evacuated when there is a continuous down pour or rain.

Irrespective of the nature of environment, the youths have huge untapped talents, love and care for one another that FANT is so much attracted to this community. Osman Kondos Kamara is the head of the board, Abdul Aziz Fofanah is the head coach while Martha Conteh is the play coach.